The purpose of this blog is to provide feedback for scholars and researchers planning to submit a paper proposal for the 2010 meeting of the Society for Music Theory. Any topic in music theory (broadly construed) that is approached from a perspective informed by music perception and/or cognition is welcome here. Authors should submit a full proposal according to the specifications of the most recent SMT call for papers.

Proposals should be submitted by email. Please attach 1). either a text file (not pdf), paste the text into email body, and 2). examples, etc. as graphics files (gif, jpg, pdf, png, but NOT tiff).

Email to peter.martens “at” ttu.edu.

Authors, once your proposal is uploaded, you will receive a password that will give you access to only your proposal and the reviewers’ comments on it.

Reviewers, you have access to all proposals. Your comments are always editable by you, so feel free to return to proposals and revise as desired.

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